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Cleaning and Prevention:

Dental Examination, Prophylaxis (Teeth Cleaning), Digital X-Rays, Fluoride Treatment, Sealants

Restorative Dentistry:

Composite (Tooth-Colored) Filling, Amalgam (Silver) Filling Upgrades, Teeth Whitening – In Office & Take-Home Kits

Periodontal Diseases Prevention and Treatment:

Scaling and Root Planning (Full mouth deep cleaning), Osseous (Gum) Surgery, Pocket Irrigation, Gum Recession, Ridge Augmentation, Bone Grafting, Soft Tissue Grafting

Prosthodontics and Cosmetic Dentistry:

Full/Partial Porcelain Crown, Porcelain Onlay/Inlays, Porcelain Veneer, Porcelain Bridge, Maryland Bridge, Full-Mouth Reconstruction, Full Maxillary (Upper)/Mandibular (Lower) Dentures, Partial Dentures

Oral Surgery:

Wisdom Teeth Extraction – Surgical / Full Bony Impacted / Partial Bony Impacted / Soft Tissue Extraction, Simple Tooth Extraction, Dry-Socket Prevention, Sinus Augmentation, Ridge Augmentation

Dental implants:

Implant Fixture, Abutment and Crown, Mini-Implants, Implant Bridge, Bone Grafting


Oral Sedation, Nitrous Oxide sedation


Invisalign, Simpli5, Traditional Braces for Children and Adults, Orthodontic Related Retainers, Space Maintainers, TMJ Services


Bruxism Treatment, Night Guard /Occlusal Guard, Anti-Snoring Devices, Sleep Apnea Oral Device

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