Meet Our Team


Office Manager


I have been working for Dr. Shea for almost 14 years. My patients, doctors and my team are what make me love to cometowork every day. My focus is to help you as a patient to obtain healthy, functional and beautiful teeth and smile with the best possible insurance coverage.

Our greatest asset is Dr. Shea and our staff. We have very high professional standard here. We are all excited and motivated to help you achieve the best clinical result you deserve.

Lucy has been a dental professional for more than a decade. She had full spectrum of experience, knowledge, understandingand sophistication of both clinical and administrative aspects of a dental practice. She is especially proficient in communicating with patients and insurance companies about complicated treatment procedures, options and alternatives.

Lucy is a proud mom of a young teenager boy. While not working, she enjoys traveling and time with her family!


Dental Assistant & Front office

At Dr. Sheas office, we are really committed to understand and to meet your dental need as a patient.

I love my job. I am a very honest person and a good listener. My personal and professional goals are to provide and to educate you with all the necessary information and knowledge then help you to make better dental decision and help you to improve your overall well being and dental health.

Being a dental professional for more than 5 years, Mayra has the multi-task skill, ability, knowledge and experience as both the front and back personnel. She is usually the one answering your insurance questions, explaining treatment options and procedures, coordinating ongoing treatment, collecting payment and so on.


Dental Assistant

Lucia was welcome as an addition to our office since 2005. She has developed a long lasting relationship with so many of our patients.

Lucia attended dental hygiene school in Tampa, florida. She moved to California in 2003. She was born and raised in Colombia, South America. She and her husband JC have a beautiful daughter, Andrea who is amost a senior in High School and whos passion is modeling. She has two nSiamese cats and in her free time she enjoys hiking, painting, sketching, swimming, yoga and Zumba.


Dental Assistant

My name is Sujey Mendieta. I Graduated from American Career Collegein 2015 and have been working with Dr. Sheafor 4 years. I've learned a lot from the girls over the past few years and enjoy what I do! On my free times I love going to the beach and taking hikes.


Registered Dental Assistant

My name is Nicolette, I am an RDA, I've been in the dental field field for 10 years. My experience with the entire staff at Westpark Dental is absoloutly pleasant. We all enjoy working together and we love our patients, making us such an amazing team. Most of our patients have even complimented us by stating that we are like family.  

I've been inspired by some of the veteran assistants here who have been here for over 10 years, they have such an incredible relationship with their patients. I truly love people and being able to help obtain a perfect healthy smile


Public Relations Coordinator & Insurance Coordinator

Hi, my name is Claire, I completed my bachelor's degree in Sydney, Australia. I was born in China and immigrated to to Australia at the age of twenty. Ienjoy being a mom to my daughter and traveling. I absoloutly love what I do now. 


Insurance Coordinator

Hi, my name is Kelly, I finished my degree in Ireland. In mid- 2012, me and my family were excited to finally move to Orange County, California and be close to extended family, freinds, and beautiful sunny weather. I love working with patients as friends.


Clinical Coordinator

Jenny has been working with Dr. Shea for over 10 years and “enjoys being able to assist wherever needed.” As the receptionist and clinical coordinator, Jenny oversees the daily schedule and operations of the clinic; supporting patient care for both back and front office. She is on top of tracking and facilitates patient appointments, payments, patient care outcomes and corresponds with patients for completion of treatment.


Dental Assistant

Selena has been in the dental field for over 4 years now. She loves working with patients and always comes to work with a bright smile. "We're an extremely powerful team. Always caring about our patients and making sure they get to leave our office with such a broad smile." Her biggest passion is to assist with complicated and successful procedures, as well as learning and experiencing new things with Dr. Shea and staff.

On my free time I love to spend time with my family and friends, get some time off to travel and explore, have fun dancing and always enjoying life. 


Registered Dental Assistant

Princess is a licensed dentist in the Philippines. Has been working in Orange County for more than 8 years and in Riverside for 7 years as Registered Dental Assistant who likes to work with genuine people … she’ll greet you with a great smile and walk through the dental procedures making you feel safe and comfortable. She always gives an impression to the patient and clinic staff that everything will turn on the positive side. Always with hectic schedule Princess always finds time to have proper work – life balance.

Having worked with Dr. Shea for a short time opened a different perspective for me, from a previous management style of being an independent assistant; Dr. Shea is very detailed and always encourage his staff to participate in the management of patient dental care.

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